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No Fracking WayWe have launched a petition to ban fracking in Derbyshire, not just as a list of names, but also asking for your reasons as to why you are objecting to fracking in our wonderful County. We will also use the information to help you in putting together a letter of objection, citing your reasons for opposing the development (and the more different reasons we have, the stronger the case will be when it is assessed by the planning committee at Derbyshire County Council).

So please provide your name, address and a valid email address so that we can draft a mail merged letter and email it back to you for you to submit to Derbyshire County Council.

North East Derbyshire & Bolsover District Liberal Democrats and their elected representatives may use the information you’ve given to contact you. By providing your data to us, you are consenting to us making contact with you in the future by mail, email, telephone, text, website and apps, even though you may be registered with the Telephone Preference Service. You can always opt out of communications at any time by contacting us or visiting For more information go to