Building a Local Economy That Works for You

There are stark contrasts between districts within the East Midlands, between old and young, and between the successful and those left behind.

New technologies are beginning to transform the economy. Machine learning, artificial intelligence and automation are affecting the type and the scale of employment.

Britain needs a sustainable and balanced economy not just to help fund public services but because growth and enterprise create jobs and opportunities for all.

Liberal Democrats believe that there is much to be done to create an economy that ensures that the whole population benefits from the technological advances which are ahead of us.

The Liberal Democrats will work to support growth across North Derbyshire for a sustainable economy – a local economy that works for the long term: which is prosperous, green, open and fair.

According to government data, 86,000 trips are taken to North Derbyshire each year, the equivalent of 151,000 nights, contributing £10 million to the local economy.

Promoting tourism into our area should be crucial for the Council.

Ross Shipman, Spokesperson for Strategy & Transformation

Our priorities in the next FOUR years will be:

  • Attracting business by offering business rate reductions; and for properties which have been brought back into use after being empty for over six months.
  • Develop towns across North Derbyshire to increase higher paid job opportunities which are for local people – keeping people working and buying here boosting the local economy.
  • Increasing the number of available apprenticeships delivered through the Council and partnerships.

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