Improving Our Health and Well Being

Good health is a prerequisite to taking full advantage of life’s opportunities, and we must do all we can to help people stay healthy across North Derbyshire.

The NHS has been the envy of the world, but it is now facing the greatest crisis in its history, and we urgently need to increase its funding – Liberal Democrats at a national level would raise income tax by 1p in the pound.

As a country, we are living longer, but that means more people are living with conditions like diabetes and dementia and they need help to live with dignity and the maximum degree of independence.

We must set the highest standards in care, abolishing the artificial boundaries that prevent local Councils, health and social care services working together.

Health and well being are affected by far more than just the quality of health and social care services. We will work to improve the broader factors that affect people’s health such as access to health activities so that everyone can have the best chance to lead a healthy life. District Councils can play a role in promoting activities across the District to support the NHS and Social Care system.

Cllr Pam Windley, Spokesperson for Health & Social Care

Our priorities in the next four years will be:

  • Building on existing leisure and recreation facilities by providing further activities and facilities to promote a healthy North Derbyshire.
  • Work with the NHS and social care services to find ways to integrate their work with that of District Councils and community groups.
  • Promote healthy activities across all age groups such as cycle tracks and walking routes, while providing adequate resting places.
  • Give those age 60 and over access to free swimming during off-peak times.
  • Facilitate the creation of groups to support both physical and mental health in the absence of funding from government.
  • Taking air pollution seriously; and implementing measures to reduce the effects of local residents

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