Making The Council More Accountable

Britain suffers from a political system with a lack of openness and accountability. North Derbyshire is unrepresentative of the electorate, and local government is hobbled by central control, and people feel they have no effective means of making known their concerns and priorities. It’s no wonder people feel frustrated and angry at the system.

We believe in a District where people have power over their own lives and how their Districtis run. To make this happen, we need to revitalise our political system – strengthening devolution and increasing trust in the Council to deliver for local people. This means we need to work cross-party to make the best decisions.

To regain the trust of the electorate, we must lay out a manifesto that genuinely aims to capture the imagination of North Derbyshire with proposals which put transparency at the heart of what the District Councils do.

It should only ever be local people who help shape policy in our local area, and by giving you more opportunities to see what’s going on inside the Councils and refusing to line our own pockets with taxpayers money – our ‘lay everything out for people to see’ approach shows the direction we want to take the authority.

Natalie Hoy, Spokesperson for Local Government & Scrutiny

Our priorities in the next four years will be:

  • Introduce live video recording of all public Council meetings.
  • No pay rises for Councillors under a Liberal Democrat-led District Council until at least 2023. (Bolsover District Councillors’ basic allowance would be reduced by 20% to bring them in line with the national averages for a District Councillors allowance.)
  • Campaign for further devolution of services and the expansion of the Localism Act.
  • Reduce the special responsibilities allowances by 20% – so you get more for less from your Councillors.
  • Make local people aware of who is representing them and promote the best way to contact them for help.
  • Change the standing orders so that all Chairs on scrutiny committees are made up of opposition Councillors.

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