Supporting Families and Communities

A fair society is one in which everyone has the means to get by and the chance to get on. It means being able to provide for your family, afford somewhere to live and work within your community.

That’s why we will be focusing on helping more people while saving money. It’s why we will work to build more houses and make them affordable. Moreover, it’s why we will empower communities to run their services – free from the interference.

Other local authorities have looked at new ways to support community groups and projects that provide a vital service, and by learning from the success stories and working with our neighbours, we can build a brighter North Derbyshire.

One person on the streets is one too many, that’s why a Liberal Democrat-led Council would always make sure there were beds provided and programmes to encourage and support homeless people.

Sandra Hinds, Spokesperson for People & Equality

Our priorities in the next four years will be:

  • Invest in programmes to support the homeless across North Derbyshire and introduce a policy of compassion, by always making sure a request for shelter from a homeless person is met with a roof above their head.
  • Creating a ‘North Derbyshire Lottery’ where all money raised will be invested into community projects and groups, with up to £10,000 as a prize each week for individuals taking part.
  • Promote and organise various community events to improve cohesion throughout our communities.
  • Introduce a database to contact local people, promoting events, activities and consultations in their area directly to their phone and email. Communication in real-time is key.
  • Going paperless where possible within the Council, allowing money to be saved to invest back into delivering services for your family.
  • Review into disabled access and walkways and work with the County Council to make adjustments where necessary.

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