Police & Crime Commissioner Election 2021

On Thursday 6th May you can vote for a Police and Crime Commissioner for Derbyshire. The Liberal Democrat candidate is Stan Heptinstall.

Stan has long experience of serving as a county and borough councillor and worked hard and effectively for the people he represented.

As a councillor he set up a Community Action Teams which provided a vehicle for local people to work closely with the
police, and these were effective in reducing crime.

He is eager to do the same across Derbyshire. His focus will be on finding out what are your concerns and working hard to make life better for us all.

Stan spent his working life in the Medical School at the University of Nottingham. On retirement he was made an
Emeritus Professor of the University. He is a family man with children and grandchildren.

Policies for Police & Crime

As an elected councillor Stan has already worked with the police in setting agendas to reduce crime and is anxious to do this across Derbyshire. With your help, he has already learned that:

The visibility of the police in both urban and rural areas needs to be increased.

Many police stations are not fit for purpose and need to be made more accessible to members of the public.

Responding to concerns from the general public needs to be much improved.

Victims of crime need all the attention and help that they deserve and need in dealing with the consequences of the
traumas they have experienced.

Stan says: “If I achieve significant improvements in all four areas during my term of office, that will be a legacy I will be proud of.”

Contact Stan to let him know what are your concerns and aspirations for Derby and Derbyshire.
Tel: 07792 987890
Email: LibDemPCC@gmail.com
Web: www.stanheptinstall.com

Published and promoted by Richard Salmon on behalf of Stanley Heptinstall (Liberal Democrat) all at 24a Great Northern, Derby DE1 1LR.