Lib Dems announce ‘outward looking’ and ‘Inclusive’ Derbyshire County Council manifesto

Derbyshire Liberal Democrats have released their manifesto in the run-up to the County Council elections on 6th May 2021.

7 Key policies:

  • Oppose Tory plans to replace local authorities with larger “super” unitary authorities.
  • Develop new sources of revenue, such as traded services and green energy, develop more efficient ways of delivering services and prioritise resources to protect the most vulnerable in society.
  • Protect and enhance high quality early years learning
  • Support traffic calming and 20 mph zones where they can be cost-effective in achieving this aim.
  • Review the current road maintenance systems to both speed up and improve the quality of repairs to potholes.
  • Work closely with Derbyshire residents to rapidly implement a Climate Action Plan which drastically cuts emissions over the next 10 years.
  • Reverse Tory cuts to community transport and bus routes

Liberal Democrat County Councillor, Sue Burfoot said:: “Many residents across Derbyshire say we need to stop rewarding the failure of Labour and the Conservatives and go in a different direction, one that is outward looking and inclusive.”

“We were promised change when the Conservatives took back over the County Council, but all we got is more of the same and headline grabbing u-turns on pledges made in 2017.”

“The people of Derbyshire deserve better than this from their elected representatives and the Derbyshire  Liberal Democrat manifesto offers a new path that involves working with residents as much as possible, to deliver the right services to them, when they need it and in a cost effective way.”

“Liberal Democrats will seek to bring a strong element of common sense to the Council chamber. Residents are poorly served by excessive party political dogma and the present system of centralised, autocratic decision making.”

“If the Conservatives lose 6 Councillors, they would have lost control of Derbyshire County Council and no party would be able to govern alone, amplifying the voice of every Liberal Democrat elected.” .


Liberal Democrats Derbyshire County Council manifesto:

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