A Seasonal Message

North Derbyshire Liberal Democrats would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

A week ago, our part leader, Vince Cable, sent out his Christmas message to all Lib Dem members. It is a powerful message and one we believed worth sharing with the wider public – whether you’re a Lib Dem or not I’m sure it will have meaning to you.

Homelessness is an increasing problem in the UK. Many of us in North Derbyshire work and or shop in Chesterfield. Whilst that comes under the remit of Chesterfield Borough Council, none of us can fail to be moved by the number of people living, and sleeping, on the streets. Whatever your political beliefs, I’m sure this is one issue where we can, hopefully, unite and try to find a sustainable solution.

Vince Cable's Christmas Message from Liberal Democrats on Vimeo.

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