LETTER: Lib Dem’s slam inappropriate location for travellers site in Wingerworth

Dear Neighbour

You may be aware that the piece of land on the corner of Greenway is currently being considered for use, by the Labour-run District Council, as a traveller site.

Presently; the District Council is trying to rush through its local plan because of pressure from the Conservatives’ overly aggressive planning policies; which is leading to inappropriate over development of our area and poorly considered planning decisions like this.

While I’m sure you will agree that there is a need for proper travellers’ sites; these sites need to be in the right locations to accommodate the needs of both travellers and existing residents.

The site is expected to hold 4 caravan plots; which will require access off the A61.

The Lib Dems don’t believe that Greenway is an appropriate site at all.

For a start, it is too small. The site is little more than a large domestic plot and use by any number of caravans would result in an unacceptable density, noise nuisance and invasion of privacy – for those intending to use the site and for the immediate neighbours.

The land was originally designated as a play area for children living on the Adlington Estate. It is regularly used by residents as a play area and footpath; so, to change that usage, would remove a valuable amenity from the community.

We have been advised that a legacy covenant exists over the site prohibiting its use for anything other than by the children of the local estate, and we are currently looking into the validity of this.

The only possible vehicle access would be direct from the A61 – a road which is already struggling to cope with the current volume of traffic – meaning that access to and from the site would be, at best, problematic and, at worst, dangerous. This issue would be made worse when Labour’s large scale developments are built at hanging banks and the avenue site.

We understood that a historic application to install play equipment to the site was refused because of the lack of appropriate vehicular access. It would therefore nonsense for the Council to suggest that more regular vehicle movements could be accommodated.

Local police have voiced concerns over potential criminal and antisocial behaviour. Reduced availability of officers and increasing levels of crime in the Wingerworth area are already a problem – a matter the Liberal Democrats and Wingerworth Parish Council took up with police several months ago. Their resourcing permits only one additional PCSO to be allocated to whole the Wingerworth and Rural area.

The Liberal Democrats are therefore opposing the use of the Greenway site as a potential traveller site and we are inviting residents to raise their concerns with us.

You can respond to the consultation here: www.tinyurl.com/Travellers-site

The Chair of Wingerworth Parish Council has arranged a public meeting at the Parish Hall on Saturday 19th January at 11:00 am to enable residents to raise their concerns.

Both the Lib Dem Parliamentary Spokesperson Ross Shipman and Lib Dem Cllr David Hancock will be at the meeting to listen to your concerns and to assure you of our commitment to oppose both the Labour-run Council’s proposal and the Conservatives’ aggressive development policies – which are resulting in these irresponsible planning choices. Please feel free to come along.

If we can be of any further assistance on this, or any other issue, please get in touch.

The last District election for the Tupton ward was a Lib Dem majority of ONLY 32 votes – we need your help to keep Labour out. Vote Lib Dem on 2nd May 2019.

Kind Regards

Cllr David Hancock
Tupton Ward – North East Derbyshire District Council
07703 437180

Ross Shipman
07890 909486

Pam Windley
07500 375236

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