Loneliness Awareness Week

North Derbyshire Liberal Democrats are proud to pledge their support to the Marmalade Trust’s Loneliness Awareness Week, commencing 17 June 2019.

Loneliness is a significant contributory factor in terms of mental health problems; and, for too long, society has stigmatised people for being alone.

Our media portrays the “norm” as being part of a couple and, all too often, we only see couples interacting with other couples. There’s nothing wrong with a couple (or more) going somewhere with single friends or relations and having a good time – but we’re brainwashed into thinking that single people are a spare wheel or a burden – which, of course, simply isn’t true.

And so Marmalade Trust started Loneliness Awareness Week (LAW) just three years ago. It was really apparent to them that raising awareness is an important part of changing the way people think about and acknowledge loneliness.  As a society we need to talk about it.

Marmalade Trust’s vision is to create a society where loneliness is recognised openly as something likely to affect us all.

One of the first steps to achieving this is to reduce the stigma around loneliness – the theme for LAW 2019.

The trust has over 300 organisations across the UK partnering with us to raise awareness, support people to find friendship by hosting events and raise money to help us do more.

This year’s campaign looks to be bigger and better than ever.

Please visit the Marmalade Trust’s Loneliness Awareness Week page for more details.

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