2018 Boundary Review – Second public consultation begins

Second round of public consultation begins..

The Boundary Commission for England (BCE) will once again be asking the public to help shape plans to change Parliamentary constituency boundaries as it opens its second consultation today (28 February).

In Derbyshire we are expecting to lose ONE seat and in particular North East Derbyshire is under threat as a constituency.

What does this mean for the whole England?

The law requires the 600 constituencies to be allocated to England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales using a specific distribution formula known as the ‘Sainte-Lague method’, and the number of Parliamentary electors as at 1 December 2015. Applying this means the number of constituencies in England will reduce from 533 to 501 in the 2018 Review. We felt it was important to mirror the spirit of the legislation in allocating the number of constituencies to the component regions of England – this was a widely accepted approach previously. This produces the following distribution within England:

Region Electorate Existing constituencies Proposed constituencies
Eastern 4,242,266 58 57
East Midlands 3,275,046 46 44
London 5,118,884 73 68
North East 1,874,396 29 25
North West 5,074,302 75 68
South East 6,067,475* 83* 81*
South West 3,930,770 55 53
West Midlands 3,989,320 59 53
Yorkshire and the Humber 3,722,035 54 50
Total 37,294,494* 532* 499*

* figures exclude one current Isle of Wight constituency and its electorate, and two proposed Isle of Wight constituencies, which are protected under the Act and removed from the calculation to allocate constituencies

Revised proposals will be published as part of a final consultation in late 2017/early 2018 and any further changes made based on comments received. BCE must report to Parliament with its final recommendation in September 2018. If agreed by Parliament, the new constituencies will be in use at the next scheduled General Election in 2020.

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