Save The Royal Marines

Nothing left to cut, say Campbell and Ashdown

Following reports in The Times that the Ministry of Defence is engaged in the discreet sale of up to five frigates and two amphibious assault ships, Liberal Democrats defence spokesperson Ming Campbell has accused the government of neglecting Britain’s defences.

Ming Campbell said:

“If these options were implemented, they would cut not fat but the very bones of our naval capability.

“A government which argues that after Brexit we will be a world-wide trading nation should be very wary of reducing our ability to protect free movement of goods to and from the United Kingdom by sea.”

Former Royal Marine Paddy Ashdown, commenting on the possible sale of the Royal Navy’s only two amphibious assault ships, said in the week of the 353rd birthday of the Royal Marines:

“What a birthday present from the government to the Royal Marines. This is on top of plans to cut the Royal Marines who have served this country with courage and skill for over three centuries.”

The Liberal Democrats have a petition against the cuts to the Royal Marines:

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