Compulsory voter ID is an attempt to rig our elections

Responding to the reports that the Government are set to announce it will be compulsory for voters to show identification at the next election, Liberal Democrat shadow minister for the Cabinet Office, Tom Brake said:

“The move by the Government to make voter ID compulsory is a thinly-veiled attempt to rig the results of future elections. We know from the pilot back in 2018 that voter fraud was inconsequential, whilst what the pilot did do was turn away a disproportionate number of vulnerable voters.

“Boris Johnson is clearly taking a leaf out of Trump’s playbook by using false claims about voter fraud to suppress turnout.

“The trial was deemed a waste of time and the public’s money, and this roll-out will be no different. The Conservative Government have already showed disdain for our democracy and this move is simply further confirmation of that.

“Rather than electioneering by making it harder to vote, the Conservative Government should be focusing on ways to encourage democratic participation, such as through extending voting rights to 16 year olds.”

Lib Dem Parliamentary Spokesperson for Bolsover, Cllr David Hancock, said:

“It sticks. The move is a calculated to impact on the poorest in society – typically those who don’t drive and/or don’t possess a passport will bethe ones who struggle the most. In short, those least likely to be voting Tory.

“It’s not acceptable. The whole cornerstone of our democracy is one person, one vote. Our First Past the Post system results in about 50% of votes being consigned to the waste paper bin. This move further disenfranchises the electorate. We should be encouraging more people to vote, not be placing extra obstacles in their way.”

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