The Local Elections Begin Here

As nominations for the 2019 Local Elections are currently being submitted, N-E Derbyshire Lib Dem Councillor David Hancock said:

“For too long we’ve been without a solid Lib Dem presence in North East Derbyshire. That began to change two and a half years ago when I was elected in a by-election in Tupton.

“Since then our presence has grown in the area; and I am proud to announce that we will be fielding the largest slate of Lib Dem candidates in N-E Derbyshire’s history. We have candidates contesting almost every single ward in the District; and, as we’ve been collecting signatures for the nomination forms over the past couple of weeks we’re hearing the same things again and again – from Ashover to Unstone – people are tired of Labour and the Conservatives. Neither listen to the people they are supposed to represent. For them it’s simply all about power – over which of them can control the Council. Neither of them is fit to do so.

“Labour’s local plan – which is supposed to set the vision and strategic direction of the District is years overdue; and both development and economic planning lack steer.

“The Conservatives are no better. They keep applying pressure from their own government which continually slashes budgets; while the same team that would hope to lead N-E Derbyshire District Council have taken Derbyshire County Council to the brink of disaster.

“North East Derbyshire needs a team that will listen. That will propose policies based on evidence and need – not doctrine or dogma. The District needs Councillors who care – so we’re making sure that you have the opportunity to vote for exactly that on 2 May.

“Use your vote wisely. Vote Liberal Democrat.”

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