225 teachers in Derbyshire on long-term stress leave

There were 225 teachers in Derbyshire on long-term stress leave in 2016/17, up 12,5% on the previous year, Liberal Democrat research has revealed.

It means one in 45 local teachers is now on long-term leave of one month or more for stress and mental health issues.

The Liberal Democrats have said the figures “laid bare the impossible pressures teachers are under” and warned that stress caused by an obsession with exam results is fuelling the teacher recruitment crisis.

In total 24,179 days have been taken off by local teachers for stress and mental health reasons in the last four years.

The figures are based on responses to Freedom of Information requests by the Liberal Democrats.

Ross Shipman, Lib Dem Spokesperson for Bolsover commented: 

“These figures lay bare the impossible pressures our teachers are being put under.

“It is simply unacceptable that those working tirelessly to do the best for local children are seeing their mental ill-health affected as a result.

“This must be wake-up call to the Conservatives on Derbyshire County Council.

“Stress and anxiety are fuelling the teacher recruitment and retention crisis, but the government’s current approach is making matters worse.

“Derbyshire Conservatives need to pressure their colleagues in government to end the real-term cuts to pay for teachers that are leaving them feeling overworked and undervalued.”

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