Local Councils revealed to have no plans to increase electric vehicle charging points

A Liberal Democrat District Councillor has claimed local councils have been “hamstrung by Conservative Government cuts” and warned “urgent action” is needed to tackle rising transport emissions.

Of the 301 local councils that responded to the Liberal Democrats freedom of information request, 107 do not have a plan to increase the number of charging points. 122 local councils confirmed they have a formal plan, but only an additional 62 have taken steps to increase the number of EV charging points.

North East Derbyshire District Council and Bolsover District Council have zero electric vehicle charging points and no plans to introduce them. Chesterfield Borough Council only had two charging points in the town.

Ahead of the local elections in May, the Liberal Democrats at their Spring Conference in York [March 16th] called for the Government to adopt a series of measures to help councils. They include:  

  • Introduce new planning legislation ensuring that all new developments and large-scale regeneration schemes include electric car charging facilities.
  • Invest significantly in schemes to speed up the strategic roll-out of rapid charging points. Work with local authorities to expand them to popular in-town locations such as public car parks and supermarkets.
  • Invest in residential on-street charging, using the existing lamp post infrastructure wherever possible so as not to clutter the pavement. 

Liberal Democrat Transport Spokesperson Jenny Randerson said:

“Unless there is urgent action to tackle out of control transport emissions, our environment and the health of future generations will suffer. People deserve better, and Liberal Democrats demand better.

“Given electric and low emissions vehicles are key to tackling climate change, it is deeply concerning that almost one hundred local authorities across the country have no plans to increase the number of charging points.”

District Councillor for the Tupton ward of North East Derbyshire, David Hancock said:

“Given electric and low emissions vehicles are key to our bid to tackle climate change, it is deeply concerning North east Derbyshire and Bolsover District Council has no plans to increase the number of charging points.”

“There is no doubt the council is being hamstrung by Conservative Government cuts, crippling its ability to tackle climate change. These cuts must be reversed and local Councils should start the process of becoming carbon neutral by 2030.”

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