Cable Confirms Lib Dem Position On Fracking

In a letter to a North Derbyshire resident Sir Vince Cable has categorically confirmed the position of the Liberal Democrats: Please be assured that I and my Party utterly condemn the practice of fracking.

The full letter is shown below:

The Liberal Democrats’ emphatic position is in complete contrast to that of Conservative MP Lee Rowley, who supports Fracking as long as it isn’t in his own constituency; and the ambiguous position of Labour Party, some of whom support fracking, some don’t; while their national position is anti-fracking – apparently as long as they don’t shout about it too loudly (perhaps this explains why):

We support all genuine attempts to stop fracking. Not just here in North Derbyshire – but throughout the UK and beyond. Every year we see wave after wave of natural disasters caused by climate change.

There are some fantastic campaign groups working locally to try and halt shale gas extraction. A number of our members have been there on the front line; while others work behind the scenes on the longer term solution.

We need to encourage national governments and larger firms like INEOS to invest in renewable energy sources and move away from practices like fracking – which carry too many long and short term risks.

Join us in our fight today.


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