Lib Dems slam Labour’s Lip Service over Climate Emergency

On 6th Feb, North Derbyshire Liberal Democrats’ Environmental spokesperson, Cllr Ben Marshall joined Sheffield Liberal Democrats, members of North Derbyshire Young Liberals and Sheffield Green Party to protest Sheffield City Council’s hollow Climate Emergency motion.

Labour’s motion proposed that the council take steps to make Sheffield carbon neutral by 2050 – a full 20 years later than many other parts of the country. Labour actually voted down a Lib Dem amendment which would have seen the deadline brought forward to 2030.

Cllr Marshall said: “As usual, we’re just seeing Labour playing games. They see that Climate Change is an important topic so they jump on the bandwagon without putting any effort into meaningful policy.

“This is a global problem that needs to be tackled as a priority and opposing an amendment to bring forward targets by 20 years shows just how out of touch they are.

“How can anyone table an emergency and then look to delay its implementation by two decades?”

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