Lib Dems: Civil partnership change welcome, but cohabiting couples need rights too

Responding to the announcement that civil partnerships will be extended to mixed-sex couples, Liberal Democrat Justice spokesperson Jonathan Marks said:

“It’s very good news that all couples will now be able to have civil partnerships. This is something the Liberal Democrats have been fighting for for years, but it was blocked by David Cameron in Coalition.  I’m glad the Supreme Court’s ruling has finally forced this change, and I congratulate the determined campaigners who made it happen.

“However, this is not a solution for the millions of couples who live together but do not choose to make a formal commitment. They need rights too, to protect them if their relationship breaks down or if one partner dies.

“The Supreme Court, the Law Commission and numerous others have all made this case, and I have tabled a Private Members’ Bill that would give essential legal rights to couples who have lived together for at least three years.

“The Government should support my Bill and get on with these reforms. Like the extension of civil partnerships, this change is long overdue.”

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