Brexit: The choice is no longer Hard or Soft – it’s Left or Right…

Tired of Brexit? Want to make it go away?
The choice is simple…

I think it’s fair to say that most of the country has had enough of Brexit. The Conservatives, UKIP (they’re still around!!!) and the Brexit Party want to pull us out of the European Union at the earliest possible opportunity. Of course, the reality is that we could leave tomorrow – but we’d still be negotiating trade agreements and unpicking legislation for years, if not decades, to come…

Labour, it would appear, are back on the fence. They tell us that they want a People’s Vote. They tell us that they would campaign to remain. But, yet again, they’ve done a complete about turn. Earlier today, Rebecca Long-Bailey, the Shadow Business Secretary, confirmed that Labour would be pursuing their own deal and has explicitly confirmed that there is no guarantee that a Labour government would support a People’s Vote. You can read the full story here.

The Liberal Democrats have been clear. If we form the next government, we will cancel Brexit. No years of painful trade negotiations. No indecision over whether, or not, to hold a second referendum. No deliberations over which way the party would campaign.

But, most importantly, no betrayal of our voters.

Labour’s tactic is clear. They are playing the same game they played in 2017; by sitting on the fence in the hope of attracting tactical votes from both leave and remain camps. Not only is it dishonest, they are gambling with both our nation and our children’s future.

I’ve often said that the Tories and Labour are two-sides of the same coin. The difference is that the Tories are honest about their intentions; while Labour play the nice guy, while lulling everyone into a false sense of security. That’s exactly the game they’re playing again.

This General Election is potentially the most important in my lifetime – potentially shaping the future of our country and our economy for decades to come. The Tories will hurt the poorest in our Society, while Labour look set to betray them.

Help us to build the caring, compassionate, outward looking society we all believe in.

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