GMB Union pile pressure on Labour over a Peoples Vote

Responding to the news that the trade union, GMB, has joined the campaign for a peoples vote on Brexit, Liberal Democrat Brexit Spokesperson Tom Brake MP said: 

“GMB’s warning that a Tory hard Brexit would be a disaster for their members cannot be ignored. The pressure is now on the Labour leadership to respond.

“Will Jeremy Corbyn accept the dangers posed by Brexit? Will he use the upcoming Labour conference to back a final say? If not, he will be betraying his party’s supporters for his own ideological ends.

“No matter the Brexit, leaving the EU will be a disaster for the UK. It is time Labour found the political courage to join GMB, the Liberal Democrats and others in backing a peoples vote and an opportunity to Exit from Brexit.”

You can join the Liberal Democrats to fight for a peoples vote by visiting www.libdems,

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