Lib Dems respond to Tories running scared of Brexit deal vote

Responding to reports that the Government is due to postpone the House of Commons voting on their Brexit deal, Leader of the Liberal Democrats Vince Cable said:

“Theresa May appears to have marched her depleted troops to the top of the hill only to lose her nerve. She is hopelessly weakened.”

“There is little point postponing the vote when nothing concerning the deal will change.”

“The Conservatives are wilfully prolonging Brexit uncertainty because they can’t get their deal through Parliament.
“This deadlock must be broken by giving the people the final say.”

Lib Dem Spokesperson for North Derbyshire Liberal Democrat’s, Ross Shipman said:

“The Tories are in disarray, and Theresa May is running scared of what is going to be a massive defeat if the deal ever reaches parliament.”

“Whether people voted remain or leave, there is little appetite for this kind of deal and therefore it should be the people who decide the final outcome, not the Westminster elite.”

Theresa May postpones Brexit deal vote –

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