National Sexual Abuse & Sexual Violence Awareness Week 2019

The third annual national awareness week is scheduled to take place from the 4 th – 10th February 2019 across the UK.

Organisers hope the nationwide week-long series of events, hosted by local organisations, will spread the message that any form of sexual abuse and sexual violence is unacceptable.

The week aims to generate discussion among the general public, statutory bodies and third sector organisations about how sexual abuse and sexual violence is not ok, it aims to empower victims and send out a clear message that the UK collectively will be saying ‘It’s Not Ok’.

Individuals and organisations across the country will be getting involved with their own events, campaigns, conferences, training and social media activities. Many of the events, discussion points and activities can be found on their website and followed on social media via the hashtag #ItsNotOk.

Organiser Yehudis Goldsobel said:

“Over the past few years we have seen the steady growth in involvement in this awareness week. Countless organisations have participated with hundreds of events happening both on social media and face-to-face across the country.”

“The message is slowly being heard – sexual abuse and sexual violence is not ok. We can only add to this by encouraging everyone to participate in the discussions, not only victims and survivors, but all of us can help shine a light.”

“The organisers and I will be hosting an event to further Shine a Light by lighting up Tower Bridge in London and Albert Square in Manchester in solidarity with survivors. We encourage the public to come and join us.”

Further information about the Light Up the Night event can be found on the website and social media accounts.

Contact for more information or email.
Yehudis Goldsobel / 07899 814 137 /
Facebook: Sexual Abuse & Sexual Violence Awareness Week
Twitter: itsnotok2019

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