Lib Dems call for medicinal marajuana to be made available

Liberal Democrats repeat calls medicinal marajuana to be prescribed in the UK follow the recent case of Billy Caldwell.

It has been in the news recently that Billy Caldwell – a young boy with a rare form of epilepsy – who has regular seizures – had his medicinal marajuana confiscated upon return back to the UK after returning from Canada.

After public pressure, Saajid Javid used extraordinary powers as Home Secretary to allow billy to have his medication returned.

A poll by sky data suggests 82% of people would support legalising cannabis for medicinal use in the UK while 8% of people would oppose it.

Another poll by sky data suggests 41% of people would support completely legalising cannabis in the UK while 40% of people would oppose it

North Derbyshire Lib Dems Parliamentary Spoksperson and former drug user, Ross Shipman said: “This is a major shift in public opinion to make medicinal marajuana available for patients in this country and the case of Billy Caldwell is just the tip of the iceberg as thousands of others also deserve access to drug.”

“The Conservative government need to take the lead on this issue and carry out proper research so we can get to grips with the positive and negative effects of this drug. We know has the potential to be pain relief and in Billy’s case it helps with seizures – but we need to know that the drug is as safe as possible for the consumer.”

“It also makes absolutely no sense that we are criminalising users who takes drug recreationally – for esentially harming themselves and that is why the Lib Dems would have a legalised, taxed and regulated Cannabis market.”

The Liberal Democrats in their 2017 General election manifesto pledged to legalise Cannabis for recreational use.

 Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Sir Vince Cable said: “there are serious side effects from driving it underground”.

“You get toxic varieties like skunk that have the effect of creating psychotic disorders among their users,” he told us.

“Common sense would suggest that you should regulate and control the market rather than have free market anarchy.”

He admitted that this policy “may not have been a great vote winner” but insists “it was commendable and sensible”.

You can join the Liberal Democrats to fight for Drug reform by visiting www.libdems,


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