Norman Lamb MP: No child should be left to suffer in silence

Liberal Democrats have passed an emergency motion at their conference on Monday, 17th September which aims to tackle the high rates of self-harm amongst children.

Commenting on the call for greater support from the education system for vulnerable students former Health Minister Norman Lamb said: 

“The level of self-harm that the Children’s Society have uncovered, especially amongst girls, and those who identify as LGBT, is truly shocking and society needs to do much more to support vulnerability in our young people.

“Our education system must work hand in hand with NHS services and play a central role in protecting children and young adults. More and more people are experiencing depressive episodes, mental distress and chronic low-mood. All schools should offer their students and staff pastoral care or counselling, people are often let down by the post code lottery of service provision.

“As Liberal Democrats we demand better for our younger and future generations. No child should be left to suffer in silence.”

Liberal Democrat North East Derbyshire District Councillor for the Tupton ward, David Hancock said:

“It’s important that we speed up access to it; and also by addressing it as early/Young as possible it will save billions of pounds in terms of treatment later and save the patient years of suffering without the help they need.”

“The biggest thing of all is ending the stigma so people don’t feel that they can’t go for help.”

If you need support with mental health issues or perhaps just somebody to talk to in Tupton and surrounding areas, you can attend Tupton Safe Space weekly session at Tupton Village Hall every Monday between 2:30pm and 4:30pm. Alternatively, you can contact Rethink by calling 01773 734989.

You can join the Liberal Democrats to fight for better mental health services by visiting www.libdems,

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