This November, let’s end Period Poverty

Statement from Layla Moran MP, Liberal Democrat Education Spokesperson

For the majority of women periods are an inconvenience. But for others, particularly girls who can’t afford sanitary products it can have lasting impacts.

Embarrassment. Lost days of schooling. A huge knock to their self-esteem. And the fact that no one talks about this means that it remains hidden.

In a country as well-off as Britain this simply shouldn’t be happening.

We can end period poverty. The truth is it, it wouldn’t even cost a lot, relatively speaking.

That is why, ahead of this year’s Budget, I am calling on the Government to end period poverty by making sanitary products available for free in schools.

Will you back my call today?

This year’s Budget will no doubt have various giveaways for business and investors – those who have a voice – and the money to influence.

It is our job to speak for those who are left behind, who feel powerless and voiceless.

We are not alone in advocating for a change. Hundreds of thousands of people, all over the UK are with us in campaigning to end period poverty.

If we can all work together and crank up the pressure before the budget on the 22nd of November, I know we can persuade the Government to fund free sanitary products in schools.

So please. Add your name today and help us end period poverty.


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