Conference 2019: Lib Dems commit to turning offenders lives around

Liberal Democrats have committed to turning the lives of offenders around with a series of rehabilitory measures to overhaul our criminal justice system.

A motion passed this afternoon at the Conference in Brighton would improve access to secure housing, stable employment and protective measures specifically designed to support women.

The party’s Shadow Justice Secretary Christine Jardine said:

“Our criminal justice system is in crisis. Prisons are overcrowded and understaffed. Riots, drug use, suicide and extreme violence have all become far too common. Too many prisoners go on to reoffend, which means more people becoming victims of crime.

“For decades, Labour and Conservative governments have sent far too many people to prison who shouldn’t be there. At the same time, they have failed to properly provide the services that help people build lives free from crime.

“Liberal Democrats demand better. Instead of wasting money locking people up on short sentences that don’t work, we will spend it on the things that actually prevent crime. We will ensure prisoners do work, education and training while they are in prison and find suitable housing and stable employment when they leave.

“Today, the Liberal Democrats have set out a new, holistic approach to rehabilitation that will help people turn their lives around and make our communities safer.”

N-E Derbyshire Parliamentary Spokesperon, Cllr Ross Shipman added:

“The justice system is not fit for purpose and is ineffective at reducing reoffending. We must demand better not only for those we are throwing in prison, but for the families which are undoubtedly affected by this failing system.”

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