Lib Dems call for extra £300m police funding a year

The Liberal Democrats have called on the government to propose an additional £300m a year for police forces across the country.

It comes as senior police chiefs have warned that budget cuts are undermining their ability to do their jobs properly.

Damian Green claimed in an interview this morning there are “no police cuts,” despite police funding facing a real-terms cut of £160m between 2015-16 and 2016-17, and future cuts of -1.4% by 2020.

Liberal Democrat Shadow Home Secretary Ed Davey said: “With Britain’s senior police officers urgently calling for more resources, Theresa May’s claims she properly protected the British people are now fully exposed as false.

“For the Conservatives to deny police cuts even happened suggests they are in total denial and are effectively now challenging the word of Britain’s senior police officers.

“A credible Government would be listening and responding positively to the police after the recent appalling acts of terrorism in Manchester and London, rather than confronting those who risk their lives to keep us safe.”

Cllr John Ahern said: “This is a Liberal Democrats policy that the government need to take on board with the current terror threats to put people at ease.”

“It would send the message that the government is listening to the concerns of ordinary people.”

“The Police forces do not need extra powers as announced today; they need extra resources and a government to deliver on that.”


The Chair of the UK Statistics Authority Sir Andrew Dilnot ruled last year that despite claims to be providing “real-terms protection” for the police, forces actually faced a £160m real-terms cut in their Whitehall funding in 2015-16 and 2016-17 (link)

Police budgets face a real-terms cut of -1.4% by 2020 (link)

Senior police chiefs including Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick and outgoing chief constable of Lancashire Steve Finnigan have warned that they need more resources to do their jobs properly (link)

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