Proposed Development of 67 Houses will effectively merge Tupton and Wingerworth

Cllr David Hancock has again slammed Labour’s lack of a local plan and the Conservatives’ aggressive planning policies as Tupton and Wingerworth face yet another proposed development, which would effectively merge the two villages.

Speaking with Wings magazine’s John Winter, Cllr Hancock said:

“I have raised concerns on numerous occasions that the continuing development of Wingerworth and Tupton will lead to the whole area becoming a suburb of Chesterfield city. This proposal is the final step towards merging Tupton and Wingerworth – even the initial application letter announces the developer’s intention that the Wingerworth based site be considered an extension of Tupton. This is simply not acceptable.

“I have the good fortune to represent sizable areas of both villages and they have their own unique identities and that needs to be both respected and embraced. This proposal totally breaks down the settlement boundaries into a single urban area. They are two semi-rural villages which are becoming a town in terms of size, but without any of the appropriate amenities, or will, to support such a transition.

“The A61 is already becoming a car park, there are already occasions when it is genuinely quicker to walk from the Four Lane Ends roundabout to Chesterfield, so the addition of yet another housing development feeding directly onto that road at such a crucial pinpoint will absolutely cripple traffic going to and from Chesterfield. On top of that we have all of the usual infrastructure concerns, with regard to schooling and NHS provision. There’s no way the existing GPs within Tupton and Wingerworth can cope with those developments which have already been agreed – so the need for residents to access to even the most basic services is being ignored.

“Logistical issues aside, it will decimate the character of the area; trapping the historic woodland between two housing estates. I’m not a botanist, but I understand that there are protected species in there – which the over-development would inevitably endanger.

“As such I can say without hesitation that my Liberal Democrat colleagues and I will be opposing any proposed planning application should it be submitted; and we are more than happy to take up any concerns residents of Wingerworth and Tupton may have in regard to this.”

Details of the proposed development can be found here.

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