Manifesto 2019

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Over the past nine years, since the world economic crash and the start of “austerity”, local government budgets have shrunk in cash terms as a result of the Tory government cuts.

Under Liberal Democrat leadership; we will protect local services that might have been cut or even closed under the Tories and Labour.

Over the next four years, the Conservative Government will put even more pressure on our funding with creeping privatisation and cuts.

Liberal Democrats will go on doing their level best to defend services so that North Derbyshire residents can have the quality of life they deserve.

We will continue to be an independent voice on behalf of the people of North Derbyshire, not an echo of Conservative HQ in London or a mouthpiece for Labour who wish to concrete over every little bit of green space in the District.

We will carefully listen to residents and deliver services which you want. Not listening has been one of the biggest failures of this Labour authority. They have only focused on vanity projects, while ignoring the wishes of thousands of residents across North Derbyshire.

Labour has failed to deliver across North Derbyshire – people are tired and angry with their constant failures and lies.

In taking control of the County Council, the Conservatives have shown that they are no better.

Both parties look to the policies of the past.

We are now about to enter the 2020s – and we need policies and ideas that will take us forward – to create a better future for us, our children, our grandchildren and the environment in which we live.

Labour’s failure to deliver a coherent ‘Local Plan’ has made North Derbyshire a target for speculative development.

Also, the have Conservative Government’s aggressive planning policies have aided turning our beloved District into a building site.

Of course, there is a need for more housing – but it needs to be the right sort of houses for the residents and communities within North Derbyshire.

The Liberal Democrats demand better housing – housing which is affordable, sustainable and has access to the necessary infrastructure and services at the time of building.

For decades, North Derbyshire has been reliant on neighbouring districts to support our economy. There are too few well-paid jobs available without having to travel to Chesterfield, Sheffield, Derby or Nottingham.

While the Labour-run administration has continued to make dubious spending and reckless borrowing and lending decisions. We demand better by investing in our district and focusing business incentives on those areas with higher unemployment.

The Conservative government continues to support fracking, inflicting significant disruption on our districts; while Labour remains slow to invest in renewable energy sources and lack ambition with our recycling system.

Many of our local communities have been abandoned by Labour, who pass the blame onto government. The Conservatives have demonstrated, at County level, they don’t care about the individual communities as they cut more and more services – leaving them ever more isolated.

We demand better for local communities – support for those areas which Labour and the Tories have neglected time and time again.

In recent months, through live-streamed broadcasts, we have seen the sheer incompetence of North Derbyshire’s Labour Councillors and the arrogance of the Conservatives who are seeking merely to score points.

We demand better accountability: a Council that works in the interests of North Derbyshire’s residents, businesses, community groups and visitors.

If you also demand better, use your vote to elect Liberal Democrats on 2nd May for a sensible vision for North East Derbyshire and Bolsover.

Cllr Pam Windley
Chair: North Derbyshire Liberal Democrats

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