A Message From Vince Cable

Over the last two years the Liberal Democrats have made a strong recovery.  We’ve seen Lib Dem council groups grow all round the country – in rural areas, in big cities, and in market towns.   Our local election results this year – with 704 gains – were the best in our history.  At the European elections we saw a surge in support.

Our membership has continued to grow and we’re seeing our highest national polling figures in over a decade.

With the two major parties in a state of decay and division, there is a huge opportunity for the Liberal Democrats to build a green, liberal, social democratic movement in the centre of British politics.

Do you want to be part of making it happen? Do you want to stop Brexit?  Then it’s time for you to join us.

Joining as a member gives you a stake in the future of the party.

Right now, the party is choosing my successor as Leader.  Join by 7th June, and you will get a vote in that leadership election, and with it the chance to shape the future of liberal, pro-European politics in our country.

Join the Lib Dems today

Thank you for all the support you’ve given us so far. I hope to meet you soon as a member of the Liberal Democrats.

Vince Cable
Leader of the Liberal Democrats

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