PEAK FM: Cllr David Hancock slams Labour ‘In-fighting’ for 4% Council Tax increase by Derbyshire County Council

David Hancock, North East Derbyshire District Councillor and Lib Dem candidate for the Clay Cross North division in the County council elections in may slams the Labour run Derbyshire County Council increase to Council tax, as they continue the Labour infighting against the Sheffield City Region wasting vital funds.

Derbyshire County Council have taken the Sheffield City Region to court over Chesterfield borough Council’s decision to join the Sheffield City Region which will bring millions in investment for infrastructure to the area. This judicial review could cost tax payers hundred of thousands.

On Peak FM today, he said that the Council should only raise it if necessary, but should look at the waste of the local authority first before any move is made to increase Council tax by a whopping 4% for the financial year 2017 -2018.

It has been reported that in October 2016 Derbyshire County council paid out more than £400,000 in compensation following asbestos in schools.

The County Council also paid out more than £75,000 in compensation to car owners who suffered damage as a result of pot holes not being dealt with around the county.

David added, ‘Derbyshire County Council has predominantly been a Labour run authority and therefore there is no excuse for the lack of efficiency savings that need to be carried out’

Former Chairman of Derbyshire County Council pleaded with the authority of their plans to reduce the Dial-A-Bus service and 50,000 Derbyshire residents signed a petition to stop the County Council closing a huge number of Sure Start Centres.

David continued, “These are not the actions of a County Council who are acting in the best interests of local residents, or indeed, their own party members and former elected members, which tells you that the current Labour councillors are out of touch with the majority of us.”

David will be standing for the Clay Cross North County Council seat when local residents go to the polls on 4th May 2017.


4 thoughts on “PEAK FM: Cllr David Hancock slams Labour ‘In-fighting’ for 4% Council Tax increase by Derbyshire County Council

  • Cathy

    While it is true that Asbestos workplace compensation support and highways has been a key issue, there is no clear manifesto above for Public Service delivery by the LibDems.

    DCC need to keep Adult Social care, residential homes, library services, Adult education centres and highways in public ownership. Our Sure start centre is still open. Residents know local Tories want to carve Derbyshire up into separate areas if they gain control of DCC, yet its not mentioned here. Explanation needed.

    • Ross Shipman

      I am pleased that you are eager to see our priority areas in our manifesto for the elections in May 2017.

      We are currently putting together a manifesto to offer Derbyshire residents a much more sensible way to deliver key services across the county.

      While you say the Labour run authority need to keep services running, the only thing they have done since 2013 is cut them and blame the Tories. Derbyshire residents want solutions, not more problems.

      The Liberal Democrats on the other hand will keep working hard to offer solutions and keep representing the working class that Labour have left behind through arrogance and complacency.

      Many Thanks
      Chair of NEDBD Lib Dems

  • Cathy

    Hi Ross
    Still no manifesto offering working people ‘real’ solutions?
    Hope your regeneration agenda for areas of multiple deprivation locally WILL continue the current programmes for Leisure centres, Markham Vale, The Avenue and New Bolsover regeneration.

    • Ross Shipman

      Hi Cathy,

      I am afraid our manifestos take longer than a few days to put together. We are putting together a manifesto that takes into consideration what our residents surveys and canvassing is telling us, rather than us telling local residents what we want to do.

      That’s how this should work. If local people tell us they want to continue the current programmes of Markham Vale, Leisure facilities, The Avenue and the New Bolsover regeneration, then of course we will. We won;t force our own vanity projects onto people like the current Labour run authority and expect everybody to be okay with it.

      You will undoubtedly be one of the first to find out when we launch our manifesto for North East Derbyshire and Bolsover.

      Many Thanks

      Chair of NEDBD Lib Dems

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