Clowne Parish Councillors questioned about support for independent candidate

Residents and Council members gather for 12min meeting as chaos erupts

Clowne Parish Council labour members accused of trying to get another one of their own elected in by-election 

Clowne Parish Council was called to an early close today after they were unable to find a member of staff willing to take the formal minutes of the meeting. The Parish Clerk is has a case against Clowne Parish Council and the assistant clerk has refused to continuing taking minute of the meetings.

Prior to the end of the 12 minute long meeting at ‘The Centre’ on Recreation Close, Clowne; local residents bombarded the Labour Councillors with questions surrounding their apparent support for an independent candidate, David Ward.

Clowne Labour Party are accused of backing independent candidate David Ward in the Parish Council election which is due to take place 16th February 2017, one local residents describe it as ‘scandalous’ while another called it ‘deceit’ that the Labour party were seemingly putting forward an independent, rather than their own Labour branded candidate.

One local resident said that the Parish Council are only fielding a candidate without the labour brand hoping to ‘keep one man [Ross Walker] out of this Parish Council, because if Ross doesn’t win this election and the other chappy does; he will change over to Labour; you [CllrKarl Reid] know that,i know that’, which drew a round of applause from local residents.

Labour Councillor Cllr Karl Reid said that standing candidates was ‘not within the [Clowne Parish] Council’s remit’ and said that ‘what individuals do is up to them’.

Another local resident then went on to ask Cllr Neil Page whether he did ‘the leaflet as a favour for the candidate[David Ward] or on behalf of Clowne Labour Party’

Remarkably, in-front of a room full of local residents; Cllr Neil Page admitted that he ‘did not do it as a favour for the candidate’ and that the decision was taken by Clowne Labour party in the second part [confidential] bit of the meeting and as he was Secretary for the [Clowne Labour] branch it was decided he would promote the leaflet.

Local resident and independent candidate Ross Walker is hoping to beat the Labour supported independent, David Ward in the by-election which is being held on 16th February 2017.

Pulling the wool over the eyes of our community

Ross said “Clowne deserves better than a Labour Party who are trying to pull the wool over the eyes of our community, everyone knows he is a independent Labour candidate who will join them at the first opportunity if he is elected’

Clowne Parish Council have postponed their monthly meeting until next Monday, 13th February 2017 at 1:30pm at The Centre, Recreation Close, Clowne.

The public section of the Clowne Parish Council meeting can be seen below:

Clowne Parish Council meeting – 6th Feb 2017

Posted by N-E Derbyshire & Bolsover District Liberal Democrats on Monday, 6 February 2017

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  • Stephen

    It look to me that it all going wrong what do people want from the clowne parish council do they do things for the people of clowne I would like to what they do for the kids off clowne because I have not see one thing there doing for kids and this is something that they should be doing or things family can do together like community projects this can be a community garden or something like that i people in clowne would be interested in this

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