Communist Party of Britain will be ‘campaigning for a Labour victory’

Communist Party of Britain back Labour in General Election

The Communist Party of Britain says it will not field any candidates for June’s election – the first time it hasn’t run for any seats since 1920.

The party’s general secretary Robert Griffiths has instead called for supporters to vote Labour in order to “reject austerity, privatisation and imperialist war” under a Tory government.

Mr Griffiths says its members will offer “practical campaigning assistance” to local Labour bodies, but has not ruled out running candidates in the future.

 The party has said members will be ‘campaigning for a Labour victory’, commenting on the news, Alistair Carmichael MP said:

“From 1920 to 2017 the Communist Party of Great Britain elected 5 MPs. They have obviously concluded they can continue in that tradition by backing Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party. I think that they are probably right about that.

Thomas Evans on Twitter unhappy about Corbyn addressing a communist crowd:

Corbyn welcomes support from ‘comrades’

Ross Shipman, Lib Dem Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Bolsover said: “Jeremy Corbyn has been quoted today as calling for support from his ‘comrades’ within minutes of the Communist Party of Britain announcing their support on BBC election updates.”

“It comes to something when the electorate of Bolsover have got a choice between a Communist backed Labour Party and a Conservative Party that is veering so far to the right, they are eclipsing UKIP; and show no sign of stopping yet.”

“The proposed Labour Party policies are akin to ones you would find in China and North Korea; hardly the sort of countries we aspire to be.”

“The Liberal Democrats are the only sensible choice for people, businesses and the NHS.”

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