Finsbury Park Terror Attack – Lib Dems Response

Commenting on the terrorist incident near Finsbury Park mosque in North London, Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron said:

“The Finsbury Park attack is senseless barbarism. Yet again we are rocked by a horrific incident for which there is no rhyme or reason.

“People who commit these heinous acts want to divide us, force us to turn in on ourselves and fight each other. We cannot and must not let them win.  Our values matter, we must stand together.

“My deepest sympathies are with the victims and their families.

“I would like to pay tribute to the bravery and dedication of the emergency services, who, yet again, have gone above and beyond to help those in need.  In these moments while others run in the opposite direction, our emergency services run towards danger.”

Local Party Chairman, Ross Shipman said: “All terrorism must be condemned in the same manner as the next; regardless of who the perpetrator is.”

“My thoughts and deepest condolences go out to the family and friends of those who died and anybody injured by this.”

“We must continue to stand together and not let this behaviour divide us.”

“Stay strong Finsbury Park and the communities effected – together we will defeat terrorism by loving one another.”

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