Independents on Clowne Parish Council lay down gauntlet to stop dictatorship

Independents demand more openness

Clowne Parish Council was recently reported in the Derbyshire Times and Peak FM for being run like a dictatorship; which didn’t allow members of the public and even Councillors at times the transparency they deserve.

Newly elected independent, Ross Walker is one of two independents  along with Councillor A Bailey who sit opposite TEN Labour Councillors.

Both independents are asking difficult question of the Labour run Council at every meeting in what seems like a battle with the Chair, Karl Reid (Labour) and Vice-Chair Terry Connerton (Labour) who regularly flaunt the Standing Orders (the governing document of council procedures) in front of the meeting room, without even batting an eyelid.

Cllr Walker (Independent) said that he wants Clowne Parish Council “to start and understand the guidance offered to Parish Councillors is there to protect not only them; but democracy.” He added: “I plan to enter the council into the quality council award scheme to show we are one of the best in England; if that means showing the people of Clowne just how badly Labour are running things so that they do not get elected in 2019; then so be it.”

A change is coming

Clowne, like many of our villages in the District of Bolsover has traditionally been an hard Labour area; but as was seen in the election of Cllr Ross Walker by a landslide (546 to 138 against the Labour Independent), a change is coming and the Labour councillors are trying to tread water – which is glaringly obvious to onlookers in the public gallery.

We are also seeing a shift of voting patterns away from Labour elsewhere in the District of Bolsover such as Shirebrook and South Normanton. Many local residents are constantly telling us when we are out canvassing that their local Councillors just don’t listen to them or stand up for them.

A range of excuses

Leader of Derbyshire County Council, Ann Western took a question at Clowne Parish Council’s meeting on 3rd April 2017 from Lib Dem campaigner Ross Shipman on the issue of fracking and asked “Why Derbyshire County Council didn’t insist there was an environment Impact Assessment at Marsh Lane?” as the County Council would “not be able to stop it” once INEOS were to find shale gas at Eckington anyway.

Ben Marshall, who is the Lib Dem candidates for Barlborough and Clowne in the Derbyshire County Council elections said: “We have seen a range of excuses from Derbyshire County Council on fracking and what they can;t do; it is about time they told us what they can do.” He added: “The County Council have seen this coming a mile off, not to mention that Labour were running the country for 13 years and didn;t make a move to stop it [fracking] coming to the UK.

The Liberal Democrats position is for there to be a ban on fracking in England and Wales. You can support our campaign for a ‘Frack-Free Derbyshire’ by CLICKING HERE

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