Labour’s payrise for NHS staff has already been spent 10 times over

Responding to Labour’s plans to increase pay for NHS staff by reversing corporation tax cuts, the Liberal Democrats have identified ten examples where Labour have already pledged to spend this money elsewhere.

These include bringing back the educational maintenance allowance, paying for additional teachers, nurses and police, and funding social care.

Norman Lamb speaking at the Liberal Democrats annual conference at Bournemouth International Centre.

Liberal Democrat Shadow Health Secretary Norman Lamb said:

“This is a complete shambles. Labour have already spent this money ten times over.

“They are hopelessly divided, have no credible plan for the economy and are clearly unfit for government.

“On top of that Labour has backed a hard Brexit, outside the single market, that will damage our economy and mean less money for public services.

“The Liberal Democrats will be honest with the British people about the bold solutions needed to tackle the NHS and care crisis.

“We have been very clear that we will raise taxes to pay for the NHS and social care.”

Ross Shipman Parliamentary Candidate for Bolsover slams Labour by saying that: “this is all we should come to expect from Labour; bad mathematics and empty promises; with no real plan to achieve any of them.”

“Local people are always taken for granted and their vote expected at every election – Liberal Democrats will be offering solutions to the huge problems we face in 2017 and we will not shy away from the difficult conversations that need to be had.”

“I will be campaigning for a dedicated NHS Tax and for a regulated Cannabis market to ensure our local services such as Bolsover Hospital are kept in our area serving local people – my campaign will be about fresh thinking and new ideas to rejuvenate our fantastic Bolsover constituency.”


Labour have already committed to using funding from an increase to corporation tax ten times since the last general election:

1. Bringing back the education maintenance allowance and university maintenance grants (25 April 2017link)

2. Paying for additional teachers, nurses and police (2nd January 2017, link)

3. Funding social care (14th Decemberlink)

4. Extending Pension Credit to support women affected by the change to the state pension. (link)

5. Paying for an efficient post office, good public transport, and fast and comprehensive broadband for small businesses (17th November 2017, link)

6. Supporting the pensions triple lock and investing in social care (29th November 2016, link)

7. Funding public sector pay rises (7th August 2016, link)

8. Investing in the UK steel sector. (31st March 2016, link)

9.  Reversing cuts to disability benefits (21 March 2016, link)

10. Reversing the cuts to the adult skills budget (27th July 2015, link)

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