Lib Dems announce candidate for Bolsover

The Liberal Democrats are proud to confirm Cllr David Hancock as their parliamentary candidate for Bolsover.

Having worked in financial services, HR and the training sector, David is a firm believer in building strong foundations for the people. Government exists for the people, and it should manage an economy that works for everyone. The same is true for education, which shouldn’t just stop at eighteen or twenty-one.

“Everyone lives different lives. Government should never be about a rigid doctrine that suits those in power,” he said. “It should be flexible and fluid enough to work for everyone, whatever their circumstances. If it doesn’t the government has failed.”

“Policies change, depending on need and circumstances. Values don’t. The Lib Dems have always stood for a society where individual rights and freedoms take priority.

“I’m standing to ensure that happens. We’re not hear to kowtow to bullies and those who have the loudest voices – irrespective of whether they come from the right or the left. We’re hear to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard.

“We’ve had three years of nonsense. Three years of politicians shouting and caterwauling at each other over something that, in all honesty, most people have had enough of. We need to draw a line under it and start dealing with the issues that affect everyday lives – health, education, crime, well-being; and, naturally, ensuring that we have a strong enough economy to deliver that.

“That’s why it’s my genuine honour to be nominated to represent the Liberal Democrats in Bolsover.”

3 thoughts on “Lib Dems announce candidate for Bolsover

  • Banksy

    David, will you make an effort to attend Tibshelf before the election please? The last election the Lib Dems made no efforts to come around our estate in Tibshelf.

    • David Hancock

      I will certainly try. The problem with snap elections is that the time available to visit all parts of the constituency (especially during these shorter days). We were in Tibshelf back in 2017, as I was canvassing with the candidate. If you’d like to email me ( with your address I’ll make sure I drop by at some point prior to 12th December.

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