Lib Dems announce candidate for N-E Derbyshire

As media speculation of an imminent General Election continues, the Liberal Democrats are proud to select Ross Shipman as their candidate for North East Derbyshire. Ross lives and works in the constituency where he is both a District and Parish Councillor for Tupton. 

Having worked in the public and private sector, where he is now employed as Operations Manager for an IT company that links businesses with the charity sector, Ross is a firm advocate of cooperation.

“Everything is about working together for the wider interests of Society,” he said.

“I’ve always believed that all decisions should be evidence-based. And, where we agree with others, we should cooperate; where we don’t – then we oppose. The whole Tory/Labour “Punch and Judy” style tit-for-tat politics has had its day. The public deserve better.

“Time and time again we’re seeing a refusal by Tory and Labour politicians to listen to other perspectives lead this country from one crisis to another.

“Sensible politics is about looking after the present and building a better future for everyone. We’re all facing the same long term issues, like climate change, the NHS, welfare, economic problems and, of course, our relationship with Europe. All of which need meaningful discussion and practical solutions to guarantee their long-term future. Sticking rigidly to one dogma or another is never going to work and our country needs politicians who are willing to look at the big picture and who will adapt to changing needs as they arise.

“That’s why it’s my genuine honour to be nominated to represent the Liberal Democrats in North East Derbyshire.”

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