Liberal Democrats will stop producing leaflets say Federal Board

An end to paper campaigns

The Liberal Democrats have taken the decision to no longer produce leaflets as they have stopped working as a means of converting voters to the party. The party has decided to switch to emailing voters instead as the research shows that sending pictures of cute animals electronically is winning elections.

Federal Board member Neil Fawcett said: “I have never liked leaflets as nobody ever reads them and dogs chew them up; this is why all of the campaigns we have won, we have only ever sent out one leaflet and tonnes of cute animal pictures by email.”

Below is an example of the type of pictures the Liberal Democrats expect to be sending out to voters:

The real opposition

This move comes as the party are looking to strengthen its techniques to replace Corbyn’s Labour as official opposition to then go on and replace the Theresa May’s Conservative government in 2020.

Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Tim Farron said: “what prompted this was one day i was listening to the NWA album when my favourite song came on; instead of using the word ‘Police’ as the lyric, i kept saying ‘Leaflets’ and it stuck from there really.”

Voters are urged to look out for cute animals in their emails very soon.

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