North Derbyshire Lib Dems Respond to proposed County Council Service Cuts

Following reports as to how the Conservative-led Derbyshire County Council propose to cut £12.3million from essential services during 2018-19; the Lib Dem candidate for Grassmoor, Ben Marshall (left) said:

We all know budgets need to be balanced and Council Tax payers’ money has to be spent wisely. No-one is under any illusion that the current Conservative adminstration have been forced to address the financial failings left by the Labour group. However, cutting back on social care and road safety is absolutely not the way to do it.

DCC again talk of reviewing school crossing patrols – but parking around schools is on the increase. While they look at cutting adult social care by promoting “independence” because too many people who are referred to adult care become clients. Yet again, the Tories are targetting the most vulnerable people in Derbyshire.

As for reviewing the gritting routes, only today we had a minimal scattering of snow which left roads impassible in some places.

Labour’s Police and Crime Commissioner has also been calling for a countil tax increase to cover the policing budget – yet he offers no tangible benefit to the paying public.

We understand that the nature of crime is changing and that online issues and modern-day slavery need to be addressed; but, despite diverting resources into those areas, he can’t tell us how widespread these problems are – while across Derbyshire our towns and villages are subject to anti-social behaviour and petty crime that is impacting thousands of North East Derbyshire residents.

The Liberal Democrats agree that efficiencies need to made; and sometimes important services are affected – but the most important assessment has to be based on need of provision.

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