Paddy Ashdown responds to Conservative defence spending commitment

Responding to the Conservatives’ announcement on defence spending, former Liberal Democrat leader and ex-Royal Marine Paddy Ashdown said:

“This Conservative government has slashed funding on defence, cut our Royal Marines and left our troops on the front line without basic equipment.

“Billions has been spent on big ticket items that we may not even have enough troops to use.

“Of course adequate spending on defence is welcome and necessary, but this is a piece of last-minute chicanery to cover up the Conservative’s dismal record.

“No wonder Britain’s top generals have accused the Tories of trying to deceive the public over defence cuts.

“It shows why Britain needs a strong opposition to hold the Conservatives to account.”

Ross Shipman, Liberal Democrat Candidate for Bolsover, added his thoughts:

“The British Armed Forces have always been among the best in the world. They have defended the UK and other nations, both in the capacity of defenders and peace-keepers.

“These are men and women who are prepared to lay down their lives for everyone and yet we have a Conservative government that fails to support them and a Labour opposition that doesn’t want to. Neither position is acceptable.”

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