Lib Dem’s celebrate record breaking Spring Conference in York

Lib Dem membership surge continues in 2017!

The Liberal Democrats Spring Conference in York draws to a close and we celebrate record numbers of attendees and a record number of those being first timers; following an increase of over 40,000 members in the last 12 months.

Hina Malik, Jackie Pearcey, Nick Clegg, Sarah Olney and Tim Farron kicked off the weekend during the conference rally.

This weekend a wide range of policies have been passed by the party such as:

Lib Dems call for Dubs refugee scheme to be re-opened – Click Here

Lib Dems back credible minimum nuclear deterrent – Click Here

Lib Dems demand ‘NHS passport’ for 59,000 EU nurses and doctors – Click Here

Lib Dems call for drugs to be legalised to tackle overcrowding in prisons – Click Here

Lib Dems pass a rational approach to harm reduction in Sex Work – Click Here

Tim finished the conference by parking the Lib Dem tanks on the lawn of the Conservatives by demanding progressive MP’s defect or resign; or prepare for a Zac Goldsmith style demise if they continue blindly following Theresa May’s government.

Tim Farron live speech to conference

LIVE: Tim Farron delivers his spring conference speech.

Posted by Liberal Democrats on Sunday, 19 March 2017

First time conference goers reactions…

Former UKIP supporter Andy Cliff said: “First conference and I loved it. It was great seeing my lovely Lib Dem friends whos friendship I treasure. I was also proud to make new friends. I still laugh how many times I was stopped and asked if I was the UKIP man or the ex Kipper. I would like to thank everyone of you for an awesome experience.

Newbie Sally Ashe added: “I had a fantastic first conference, really enjoyed the rallies, the #LibDemPint, all the training on Saturday and the debates today.”

Benjamin Lille finished by saying: “This was also my first conference. I was a little apprehensive about attending as I wasn’t sure I would know many people there. Not only did I find a few old friends but I made a bunch of new ones two. I have been overwhelmed by the kindness of my fellow members, especially the newbies. People were happy to say hello, to chat and discuss the issues.

The debates on policy motions were carried out in an inclusive and respectful way, differing views were heard with good grace and encouragement. Between the articulate, engaging first timers and the passionate members of the Young Liberals I heard speak I am in no doubt that this party’s future success is assured.

Also I will make a particular tribute to the Newbie Admins who were so nice and a pleasure to spend time with. I wish I had more time to get to know everyone but can’t wait to see you all again. If your reading this and your thinking of joining us in Bournemouth in September, I couldn’t recommend it more.”

If you want to join the real opposition to this Tory government for an Open, Tolerant and United country: Click Here

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