Serious Scam Incident In Shirland

We have been alerted to an incident in Shirland and have been advised to inform all residents in case the perpetrators do it again.

A vulnerable 76 year old adult care client was threatened by two men who visited her property and demanded they cut her hedge; and then extracted an extortionate payment.

One of the men allegedly put his hand on her shoulder, and his face close up to hers, and said: “You seem like a nice lady, but I can hurt you.” He then pressed his fingers hard into her shoulder.

Understandably, the lady felt very threatened, intimidated and afraid. The younger of the two men kept his foot wedged in the door preventing her from closing it. The men also entered her property four times.

The lady paid £500 in cash. Initially she did not call the police, although has done so now and has been given access to victim support.

No-one wishes to scaremonger; but we all have vulnerable people in our communities so please urge them to be cautious and help to keep an eye on them.

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