Tories utter hypocrites over winter fuel allowance in Scotland – Farron

Commenting on reports that the Scottish Conservative Party are asking for an exemption from Theresa May’s plans to cut winter fuel allowance, leader of the Liberal Democrats Tim Farron said:

“The Tories are utter hypocrites. How can they take cash off English pensioners and then give it to Scottish pensioners? It looks like a cheap election bung and it won’t wash. 

“It is utterly scandalous that the Conservatives want to axe the triple lock and now do this.  

“Theresa May and her ministers are just taking pensioners and their votes for granted. They don’t seem to care about them.

“David Mundell then turns himself into a fourth rate Michael Fish to blame the climate of Scotland as a rationale for all this. They are just taking voters for a ride.”

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