Eckington: No Fracking Way

North East Derbyshire and Bolsover Liberal Democrats oppose Fracking

The Government have recently granted licences to Shale Gas extraction (“Fracking”) company INEOS to carry out seismic surveys of the ground beneath the South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire areas to investigate the potential of extracting shale gas. INEOS is already looking to begin surveying in the Mrash Lane area.

The Liberal Democrats are opposed to fracking for the following reasons:

  • This area has been heavily mined for coal from the 18th Century until the late 20th Century. Consequently below our feet lie miles of disused tunnels, shafts and voids which have been abandoned. Nobody knows where these are. Many of these mine workings are below urban areas such as Chesterfield and Bolsover. There are potential health and safety implications in respect of settlement of the ground affecting the stability of properties located above the area where fracking is taking place.
  • After the fracturing, shale gas is extracted by pumping in thousands of gallons of water containing various chemicals. It is impossible to effectively retrieve all this water some of which may then drain into underground voids and ultimately possibly end up contaminating drinking water supplies.
  • Contaminated waste water from this process will have to be effectively treated to prevent causing a biohazard and transported by tankers to treatment works. There are implications for road traffic congestion when this is done , or serious pollution issues if the waste water is simply pumped into a drain.
  • For shale gas to be extracted in efficient amounts, hundreds of drilling wells will need to be sunk in the Derbyshire area. Drilling derricks have to be raised, drill pipe, cement, well casing and other materials trucked to each site , together with water tankered in, and waste water tankered out during the extraction process. This operation will cause considerable disruption and inconvenience, and road congestion to residents of the area during the drilling operation. Many thousands of vehicle movements will be involved. Noise and dust created during the drilling operation will also be an issue.
  • INEOS themselves openly admit that the shale gas they extract will not be used for energy production.

North East Derbyshire and Bolsover Liberal Democrats recognise that fracking has been successful in other parts of the world like the Mid-West of America, but these areas are underpopulated areas with no previous history of mining. New York State, the whole of France and Sheffield City Council have banned fracking in their areas, and we believe Derbyshire County Council should do likewise.

The Liberal Democrats support “green” energy sources such as wind and solar power and small scale hydro- electric schemes for rivers and streams in this area which we encourage both local councils and national Government to pursue these clean energy sources as an alternative to fracking. Leave fossil fuels where they belong – in the ground

Please feel free to add your voice to our petition Derbyshire Against Fracking Petition.

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