No Fracking Way – Lib Dems support a COMPLETE ban on Fracking

Despite the Labour Party’s commitment at their Autumn 2016 conference to ban fracking; it would appear that view isn’t necessarily shared by their N-E Derbyshire Parliamentary Candidate. Even though her own office is based in Eckington, on the threshold of the contentious proposed Marsh Lane site, a tweet posted yesterday suggests that the incumbent MP is perhaps less supportive than her colleagues of a complete ban.

The Liberal Democrats are proud to support a complete ban of Fracking in England & Wales, after already helping vote through a similar ban in Scotland. Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate David Lomax said:

“I am appalled that anyone would want to consider Fracking as a solution. The world needs to move away from fossil fuels and, even in a completely regulated environment, Fracking offers no sustainable solution. Even INEOS acknowledge that the output will have negligible, if any, impact on energy consumption.

“It is a literal and figurative scar on our environment and has no place in the 21st century.”

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