A Letter from Ben Marshall to Grassmoor Ward

Ben Marshall
2 Acres Road
Lower Pilsley
S45 8DU

Dear friend

You may be aware that this Thursday (15th February), Grassmoor, Hasland, Winsick, Corbriggs and Temple Normanton will be voting for a new Councillor to represent them on North East Derbyshire District Council – I am your Lib Dem candidate.

I grew up in Grassmoor and have many close friends around the village from our days at Deincourt School, which provides a lot of good memories of this local community.

Over my career I have had jobs in the building trade and I am currently a Life Guard at Alfreton Leisure Centre.
My main drivers are social justice and protecting the environment – but, If elected, I want you to tell me what yours are, so that we can improve our area together.

The Grassmoor ward has been traditionally a stronghold for Labour – but this Thursday, that could all change with your vote. It will be a close fight between me and the Labour Party candidate, who said himself that “Grassmoor has been forgotten” by Labour, so make sure you use your vote wisely.

The Conservatives are offering nothing new for local residents. They talk about national issues and the local MP – not issues that are relevant to North East Derbyshire District Council.

The Tory candidate spends most of his time in York at university; and has no chance in this election.

The Liberal Democrats are here to offer you an alternative choice.

A councillor who will work hard to give a strong voice to our local community and work together with everyone to achieve improvements for the ward.

My son lives on New Street, right in the heart of Grassmoor; so I have a very real personal concern in making sure our families get the very best representation they can.

It’s been many years since any District Councillor held a public surgery in Grassmoor. Those opportunities need to be reinstated, so that members of the public have easy access to their councillor. I will be available not just on the phone, or by email; I will be make a proper dedicated time to host ‘drop in’ surgeries just for residents to be able to come and talk, in confidence.

If you want a councillor who you can rely on and will really listen to the needs of ALL local residents, put your trust in me on 15th February.

Yours faithfully

Ben Marshall
Lib Dem Candidate

Tel: 07949 949123

P.S Remember to vote in the election this Thursday (15th February) – this is a close fight between me and the Labour candidate; and you could decide who gets elected.

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