Chesterfield College ban political parties from Freshers week

North Derbyshire Liberal Democrats call on Chesterfield college to rethink the decision to exclude political parties from their annual freshers week.

In previous years all political groups have been welcomed to the event which is hosted by the college for all new students that are enrolling for that year.

Chesterfield Lib Dem Youth Officer, Matthew Genn said:

“I am disappointed with the decision by Chesterfield College not to allow political parties to be present at their upcoming Freshers Fair. For reasons unknown and frankly bizarre in my opinion.”

“This is especially concerning givien the importance that young voters played in both the EU referendum and last years general election. Clearly this shows that young people, when given the opportunity can be interested and be involved.”

“All Chesterfield College has done with this decision is to reinforce the view to its students that politics isn’t for them, and that it’s something that doesn’t affect their lives.”

North Derbyshire Lib Dem Youth Officer, Blaine Uknighted said:

“It is crucial that we engage people at a young age to become political active.”

“All political parties have raised concerns at the lack of engagement with younger people and so this decision seems like a step backwards.”

“I hope Chesterfield College see the importance of allowing their students the opportunity to understand different political parties and overturn this decision.”

You can join the Liberal Democrats to fight to give young people a voice by visiting www.libdems,

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