South Normanton Councillors spend tax payers money on alcohol

South Normanton Parish Council met on 10th March 2017 where they were greeted by signs displaying the words ‘Save Our Post Mill’ and ‘We Voted In, We Will Vote Out’.

This was in regards to the decision taken last month where the Council decided to no longer approve an annual grant the Post Mill Centre; and instead opted to ‘open a can of worms‘ by issuing lots of smaller grants to the community groups that use the centre.

A range of questions were fired at the Parish Council from members of the public from dog bins to grants for mentoring schemes; from £10,000 ‘pay offs’ to alcoholic drinks for councillors.


Parliamentary Spokesperson for Bolsover, Ross Shipman attended the meeting to hold the Council to account. A payment of £992.65 was approved in Sept 2014 via Chairman’s Allowance on alcoholic drinks between 2011 – 2013.

Ross said: I was a former employee of South Normanton Parish Council; so i was there when they approved this shambolic payment for a bar tab which they drummed up over the course of a few year. It is a disgrace that they felt they had the right to spend tax payers money in this way and i make no apologies for holding this Council to account.

He added: It took multiple attempts to get them [South Normanton Parish Council] to reconsider this policy and had it not gone back to the Council for the second time, who knows; they could have been continuing to pay for drinks using tax payers money to this date.

FULL QUESTION: ‘In September 2014, this Parish Council approved a payment for £993.65 via Chairman’s Allowance for alcoholic drinks for members of this Council between 2011 and 2013.

This was during a time when Cllr Graham Parkin and Derbyshire County Cllr James (Jim) Coyle were Chair of South Normanton Parish Council and it would be particularly interesting to hear what they have to say about spending the Chairman’s Allowance in this way?

What is South Normanton Parish Council’s response to South Normanton residents on this payment?’

One local resident who was shocked at the revelation that tax payers money was being spent to fund alcoholic drinks during Council meetings said: “Apparently, this local Labour party can organise a p*ss up in a brewery and they are spending my Council tax to do it.”

Local residents deserve better from those that it elects.



In other matters: Local residents were left horrified when a proposal was put forward to start charging £150 for child burials; which the Parish Council eventually resolve to reject to the relief of everyone present.

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